Complex Needs Home

We have a range of Complex Needs Homes in Derby, Buxton, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Kent and London all of which offer 3 bedrooms, providing a minimum staffing ratio of 1:1 for young people with complex needs. However, where needed, 2:1 staffing can be provided as part of a short-term solution to maintain placements.

Our Complex Needs Homes:

Our Complex Needs Homes have been highly effective in creating stable, long-term placements which have had a long term and positive impact on complex young people. Young people come into our Complex Needs Homes from a range of pathways:

  • As a transition from Solo or Dual Homes
  • From Residential Schools or Fostering placements where their behaviour or needs have been unmanageable
  • From home in some cases where they have needed to be protected or supported to manage their behaviour
  • As a solution for young people who have attachment disorder
  • Those who have had numerous placement breakdowns
  • Young people who have a variety of challenging behaviours
  • Low level mental health or health needs
  • Those with family breakdowns and who need support to develop resilience and live full lives where they reach their full potential

We can provide care for young people of either gender aged up to 18 years. Generally, young people in Complex Needs Homes will access mainstream or specialised education in Pupil Referral Units, EBD schools, alternative education programmes or colleges in the community. However, when young people are at particularly challenging points in their care pathways, we understand that they cannot access these and at these points we develop innovative solutions to educate young people in house.

Young people placed in Complex Needs Homes can be provided with a full 28-day psychological assessment by our clinical partner – Future Minds. The assessment will assess the young person’s strengths & difficulties, mental and emotional wellbeing, risk & resilience factors that they have, any underlying attachment disorder and their wishes and feelings.

The young people can also receive counselling sessions, CBT, DBT, play or music therapy and environmental therapy provided through Future Minds or can access local CAMHs services with whom our Homes Managers have professional and accessible links established with. We have successfully transitioned young people from our Complex Needs Homes into our Group Homes and into foster care, independence and back to families.