Group Home

We have a range of Group Homes in Derby, Buxton and London which offer both rural and urban solutions for young people, providing a minimum staffing ratio of 1:2 for young people with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Where needed, 1:1 staffing can be provided as part of a safe solution to maintain placements and to develop meaningful care plans where they can live and develop.

Our Group Homes:

Group Homes offer up to 5 bedrooms for young people who require care away from the family home but who do not need the intensive support offered in the Complex Needs, Dual or Solo Homes. Young people will still benefit in a structured environment to ensure that their needs are properly met.

Our Group Homes form part of our Road to Resilience which is The Esland Groups Care Pathway, designed to ensure that young people and our Local Authority partners have both cost effective and personalised solutions; offering a smooth, well-planned transition into independence. Within our Group Homes, we aim to stabilise the psychological and emotional needs of our young people as we recognise that this can affect the behaviours that they present with.

We can provide a full psychological assessment at any point in the placement and this will be provided by our partner РFuture Minds. With our Group Homes however, we also access local CAMHs teams and a range of counsellors, therapists and behavioural support assistants to meet young people’s needs.

Within our Group Homes, young people are predominantly in mainstream schools and if they do not have these in place at the point the placement starts, we can utilise our contacts to identify and establish school placements.