Changing children’s lives for the better

Innovative therapeutic care and education to enable young people to overcome trauma and thrive into adulthood.
Happy Girl - Changing children’s lives for the better
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Change a Child’s Life for the Better

Innovative therapeutic care and education.

On average, 6 in 10 children have adverse childhood experiences. We’re committed to supporting the most vulnerable.

Children in homes and education
Partnerships with local authorities
Children homes across 7 regions in the UK

Striving to create better futures

Providers of holistic care and education that allows young people to thrive.
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teenage boy in blue hoody wearing a rucksack
He has been helped by staff to manage his emotions and has made great progress in his placement
Brick Lane, Northamptonshire
The carers are always supportive, they take me on lots of activities and take me to new places that are great days out and fun
Young person
Brunswick House
Family time is the best and they help teach us to learn from our choices and tell us how I can learn from this
Young person
Brunswick House
Staff clearly understand Charlie’s needs and use different approaches depending on his presentation

Change a Child’s Life for the Better

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