Preparing young people for the future they deserve

Education at Esland Care - Preparing young people for the future they deserve

Education for All

Help young people stabilise their behaviour and begin to make positive choices.
Education from Esland Care - Preparing young people for the future they deserve

Outreach Offer

Aimed at bridging the gap between mainstream education and the home, coupled with the support of a tutor/individual work.

Independent Day Schools

DFE registered specialist day schools for aged 8-18 with SEND, including complex needs such as ASC, ODD and PDA.

Our schools

Our primary aim, for children who are able, is to support attendance at placements within mainstream provisions.

Ongoing Academic Support

Initial and on-going assessments of young peoples academic levels and ability to ensure maximum progress.

Providing the Future They Deserve

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Guiding young people to positive outcomes.

Academic Opportunities

Our young people are able to access a broad spectrum of qualifications, including; GCSEs, AS levels, ASDAN Awards, AQA Unit Awards and Certificates, Vocational Qualifications and work experience placements.

The use of a student-led curriculum within the Esland framework has helped engagement, interest, concentration, determination and independence.

Learning with Esland

Our teams adopt an integrated approach to learning, where all involved actively promote skills, knowledge and learning in a respectful and nurturing environment, where safeguarding is at the forefront.

Our learning environments are designed to meet a variety of needs to help overcome learning barriers, catering for all abilities and needs.

“Staff clearly understand Charlie’s needs and use different approaches depending on his presentation.”



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