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Young people come to Esland at varying points in their learning journey. They come from a range of backgrounds and learning experiences, often significantly below their expected level of progress and achievement. They may have missed large periods of education for varying reasons and their attendance is often below national average.

Our primary aim, for children who are able, is to support attendance at placements within mainstream provisions or independent schools. Wherever this is not possible we offer a wide range of learning opportunities within the home or alternative environments.

As well as home based tutoring, our External Education concept has been developed for students that are unable to settle in the school environment. This pathway of study offers a 1:1 form of education that is aimed at bridging the gap between mainstream education and the home. It can include part time vocational training or college courses closer to the home coupled with the use of a tutor / individual work.

We provide an initial and on-going assessment of our young peoples academic levels and ability. This is based on work produced, personal discussion and time. This is linked with an online assessment program, which assesses the students’ levels as they begin education with ourselves and this is used to reassess their progress, allowing us to provide any help or requirements, leading to enabling the correct levels are carried out and achieved.

The use of a student led curriculum within the Esland framework has helped engagement, interest, concentration, determination and independence. It has brought about self-regulated learning and has enhanced the student’s ability in literacy and numeracy, which in turn has improved their attitude to the core subjects of English and Maths.

Our young people are able to work a broad spectrum of qualifications including; GCSEs, ASDAN Awards, Unit Awards and Certificates, Vocational Qualifications, and achieve qualifications with third party alternative providers, or through work experience.

Our Esland Adventure Service currently offers ASDAN Awards and AQA Unit Awards, delivered at levels appropriate to the needs of the student. As well as providing adventurous education and a range of outdoor qualifications, students are able to choose subjects and topics that interest and motivate them and are directed to a level of course that will enable the students to progress and develop. This curriculum development has enabled Esland to offer a personalised learning programme, allowing ‘student centered learning’ and ‘ownership’.

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