Audley House

Audley House's focal point is building independence, with the home having a self-contained Annex in the rear of the property.

Our Home

Transition to independence is a focal point for young people within Audley House, with the home having a self-contained Annex in the rear of the property, which can be utilised for teachable semi-independent life skills work. 

One of the most prominent features of Audley House is its sizeable garden, and during COVID-19, the home had a theme of year which incorporated the concept of ‘sustainability,’ into the home with the young people preparing their own vegetables and using ‘freecycle’ to produce their own furniture for the home. 

"It’s been great working with you all, the flexibility, responsiveness, commitment, creativity and knowledge you have all given has provided Peterborough and (young person) a premium and unparalleled level of service. Thank you." – Youth Offending Case Officer; Peterborough YOT. 

The Audley Team

The team at Audley House work within the boundaries of therapeutic care, which promotes community engagement, shared living experiences and a focus on supporting a young person’s next steps into adult living. 

The team have experience in supporting children and young people, with a range of social, emotional, and mental health difficulties and have previously worked significantly well with young people who exhibit sexual harmful behaviour. 


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"Your efforts in supporting (young person) in a balanced way, responding to his needs and the challenges he presents in terms of risk management have been evident"

Youth Offending Case Officer

Staffordshire YOT

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