Birch House

Birch House is a residential care home that specialises in working with young people who have experienced emotional trauma.

Our Home

Birch House is a residential care home which specialises in working with young people who have experienced emotional trauma. It is located in a nice, rural area and can accommodate up to 3 young people.

Birch House is a very loving and caring home, with an outstanding staff team, who support each other and their young people.  Every member of staff comes to work to make a difference in their young people’s lives and strives to ensure the young people thrive and reach their end goals. All the staff at Birch House have relevant qualifications and knowledge to be able to support the young people to the highest standard of professionalism.

The Birch House Team

Our team at Birch House want their children to have the best experience whilst living in the home as well as being in ‘safe hands’ and feeling like they are in a family environment. Staff make it their duty to listen to the young people’s thoughts, feelings and wishes and work with them to help them achieve these. Whilst remaining professional at all times, staff also work hard to make their young people’s time at Birch as fun as possible, by undertaking activities with them, either around the house such as baking, playing pool, football or arts and crafts- as well as taking them on days out.

Staff are confident with making decisions and safeguarding themselves and the children. Staff also communicate with other professionals such as social workers, clinical team, and schools to ensure that the care and support provided by everyone is consistent and personalised to them and their needs. 

Staff and the young people are all valued equally by each other; staff at Birch House take pride in Esland's values; privacy, dignity, independence, choice, and rights for all young people.


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