Brick Lane

Brick Lane is located in Wilby, Northamptonshire, set in a semi-rural location within a short car journey or 15-minute walk of basic retail and amenities.

Our Home

Brick Lane is located in Wilby, Northamptonshire. It is set in a semi- rural location within a short car journey or 15 minute walk of basic retail and primary health care services. Other facilities include country parks, supermarkets, beauty salons, hair salons and restaurants.

Wilby village has several bus stops along the main road in which Brick Lane is located. The closest bus stop is around a 2 minute walk away, this route goes to Northampton. Brick Lane has 2 homes vehicles and we ensure that our home is proactive in ensuring structured plans are made to allow the young people to use the car, prioritising health appointments, contacts and education and any other appointments which the young people may have. 

The home works closely with wider professionals such as education providers, CIRV & Northamptonshire Police contacts. These are instrumental in informing us of updates in changes to the risk management within the local area. 

The home adopts a therapeutic approach to the young people's care, which is embedded within the homes culture and is practiced through every aspect of the care the young people experience.

"Communication from the home is excellent. The home takes on board suggestions from mum and she feels that her views are listened to and important to the home. Mum states that BHL “is like a different child” than when he was first admitted to Brick Lane. He has been helped by staff to manage his emotions and has made great progress in his placement. Mum has no concerns about the home or BHL’s placement."

Brick Lane Community

Recent developments in the community have lead the home to join an online forum, which is kept up to date with local news in the area. We work alongside Northamptonshire Police and local education professionals, in order to information share but to also alter our location risk assessment with information shared in order to safeguard our young people.

The home is fully committed to promoting social inclusion and as such, we actively encourage young people to engage in community activities which further their own interests. The home has established links with social groups, youth clubs and sporting clubs to allow young people to continue with their own hobbies and interests.   

The Brick Lane Team

Brick Lane has a diverse staff team and a balance of males to females; all staff have different hobbies and likes and dislikes, the team work well together to promote positive outcomes for the children.

“CE is an excellent advocate for young people and she cares deeply about the young people in her care.”


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"One young man has very complex needs and the home manager and staff team have worked hard to get to know him and establish positive relationships so that they are able to manage his behaviours and meet his needs."

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