Brunswick House

Brunswick House prides itself on having a family dynamic, and the various areas of support our team offers for our young people.

Our Home

Due to various ages, backgrounds and experiences of our carers, the young people who reside at Brunswick House receive all sorts of experiences, knowledge and therapeutic support.

Brunswick is a large 3 bed home which is partly open plan. This creates a light, spacious and relaxing environment for our young people to enjoy and feel safe in. Our large garden allows our young people to play, explore and development positive memories. The home provides, a trampoline, football goals, a swimming pool, and seating areas for our young people to enjoy. All our rooms within the home are spacious and decorated with our young people's input. Within the wider area, the home is close to amenities for our young people to use and develop independence through support and guidance. One of our main aims at Brunswick is that all of our young people will attend mainstream school, college or a supported school, as we feel this is a key part of a young persons natural development into adult life. 

The Brunswick Team

Brunswick House prides itself on having a family dynamic and the various areas of support our team can offer for our young people. Due to various ages, backgrounds and experiences of our carers, the young people who reside at Brunswick house receive all sorts of experiences, knowledge and therapeutic support. Our carers have worked in different areas such as education, self-harm, therapeutic care, specialist needs, crime rehabilitation, sports coaching and development, fostering, and many more. This has been across all ages of young people, adolescent, and adults and creates a wide range of skills and experiences that can be beneficial to all of the young people in our care. 


Brunswick House is a very homely and welcoming house. The home has up to date décor, which is family finished with photos of all our young people and carers. It also includes artwork which our young people have completed. This also creates memories of days out, activities, and all other things our young people have completed and achieved. Each young person has their own room, decorated in the style of their choice, as well as making the house their home by helping to choose décor during remodeling. The home has a television in each young person's room and in the lounge, a house computer, activities and games for indoors and out, two cars for activity and club use, and a large table to allow for family time and engagement. 

Outcomes for Children

All of our actions and developments have the best interests of our young people at the heart of all that we do. Our main outcomes which we strive towards for all our young people are to support and encourage them to achieve their best potential- either through day to day life, experiencing new things and activities and educating our young people on how they can do this. We are determined to explain to all of our young people that they are capable of learning to manage their behaviours, re-engage with families if wished, and are able to adapt and re-enter into everyday living and the rollercoaster that can come along with this. All of our young people deserve the best- to which we all work as one to achieve this as a team!

"Current strengths that I see with my yp at this home is that a therapeutic approach is well embedded by care staff. What I mean by that, is the curiosity, reflection and constantly seeking meaning behind the behaviour- rather than just reacting to behaviour. I work with a lot of homes that have a therapeutic label, but this practice seems better understood by the day to day staff (who obviously provide the majority of care and interactions with young people, compared to clinical staff) than in most homes that I work with."

Activities at Brunswick House

Brunswick House offers various choices of activities for our young people. Due to the wide range of personalities and experiences, our home offers some of the best outdoor and holiday experiences. Our young people can go abroad on holiday once a year or remain within the UK. We offer activities such as nature walks, theme parks, animal days, various attractions, family time, pamper nights, movie nights, tea and biscuit time, forest days, and many more. We pride ourselves on our young people having experiences and trying new things so they are able to push themselves and pass their known limits.

Children’s Perspective

‘’This house is good- we do lots of activities, all the carers who look after me are great and they all do different things with me and I get excited about them.’’

"The house is really pretty; the carers are always supportive, they take me on lots of activities and take me to new places that are great days out and fun!’’

Family time is the best and they help teach us to learn from our choices and tell us how we can learn from this." 

Why local authorities should place at Brunswick House

Our Brunswick team has a personalised, child focused approach, we are dedicated to support and encourage our young people to achieve, develop, and most importantly be able to manage day to day life. Our team's experiences and knowledge support all aspects of our young people and they are always willing to learn and problem solve from and for our children. The young people are the main focus of all our work and dedication to the job role.


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‘’Excellent knowledge of my young person, their voice was reflected in meeting and the way carers speak to my young person reduced her anxieties’.’

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