Lavender Lodge

At Lavender Lodge, we care for very challenging young people who have emotional, social and behavioural difficulties as a result of past emotional, sexual or physical trauma. Although Lavender Lodge accommodates young people with a range of behaviours, the staff have expertise in caring for young people with self-harm issues, young people who present with sexually harmful behaviour, anger and aggression and who are vulnerable to child sexual exploitation or exploitation in general. The staff team all have training in self-harm, missing from care, child sexual exploitation, sexually harmful behaviour, attachment and behaviour management including physical management of young people. Due to the needs of the young people who are admitted to Lavender Lodge, we also offer a psychological assessment which will be carried out and additional counselling or therapy which can be put into place where required.

As a medium to long-term placement, we aim to help young people return to their families however, where this is not possible, we aim to assist each young person to achieve a permanent placement appropriate to his or her long-term needs. With this in mind, we will work together to enable the young person acquire the skills to manage themselves better, reach their full potential and prepare them for independent living. Since Lavender Lodge may be the placement identified as meeting the long-term needs of the young person, it is important that we strive constantly for the best possible outcomes, work in partnership and aim to exceed the quality standards, therefore making the residential placement as positive experience as possible. We aim to create an environment where guidance, boundaries and positive role models are provided. There is a well-structured, consistent, robust and planned parenting approach to enable us to achieve this.

At Lavender Lodge we focus on the young people’s experience in the home. We offer a happy, homely, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for all the young people to help them aspire to and achieve their full potential. We aim to support young people to develop and maximise their Independence and social skills whilst having fun. We provide highly personalised care to help young people to feel safe and positive. We have a staff team who are motivated, passionate and committed to working with young people and pursuing the best outcome for each child.

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