Orchard Farm

Orchard is unique due to its rural location and escape from normal life. At Orchard we encourage all our young people to play, we have fields for them to run around, we have a trampoline, we have water fights, we go for walks, and we go sledging in winter – all the things our young people may have missed.

Most young people haven’t had the chance to be a child and haven’t been able to play or be around animals. Here at Orchard, we are surrounded by amazing wildlife from the sheep and cows in our field, to the hawks, bats, rabbits, horses, pheasants and geese which can be seen around our lanes.

We give our young people the chance to be themselves and find out who they want to be. We support them around the clock and ensure that education is a priority. We have an excellent record of getting young people back into mainstream provisions, as we feel this offers young people the best chances in life and gives them opportunities to make friends and integrate into their new community.

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