Heather Lodge

Heather Lodge provides long term care and accommodation for 2 young people with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties aged between 10 and 17 on arrival.

Although Heather Lodge accommodates young people with a range of behaviours, the staff have expertise in caring for young people with anger and aggression issues, those with substance or alcohol issues, young people involved in gangs and those who present with extreme violence.

At Heather Lodge we focus on the young people’s experience in the home. We offer a happy, homely, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for all the young people to help them aspire to and achieve their full potential. We aim to support young people to develop and maximise their Independence and social skills whilst having fun.

We provide highly personalised care to help young people to feel safe and positive. We have a staff team who are motivated, passionate and committed to working with young people and pursuing the best outcome for each child.  Heather Lodge is praised by others for the lengths that the staff team go to in order to keep the young people safe.

We want young people to have a place which offers them a unique experience where issues and concerns which have affected them can be addressed positively and where they can progress to new heights. The young people placed at Heather Lodge are assessed on their individual needs and the support given is tailored to their needs as no two young people are alike. This may be in their educational learning, socialising, or emotional needs.

Working together with each young person, those significant to them and other professionals we endeavour to enhance each young person’s levels of self-esteem by creating and maximising safe opportunities, in which they learn, develop and achieve.

We believe that to make life long changes we have to give young people the tools and engagement which enables them to move forward into adulthood.

Our principle of working from a child centred perspective is focused around placement plans which will inform future permanence. Where it is possible, we aim to achieve the best and desired outcome for any young person such as family reunification or working towards independence.

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