Oakwood House

Oakwood House lays at the edge of Derby in Oakwood.   It is steeped in history.   The building itself is two cottages knocked into one large house.  The house can accommodate 4 young people. It’s a large white house that wraps around a blocked courtyard at the front with an old barn area and to the rear is a large garden overlooking a small copse onto fields.

There is a separate house called The Lodge which is a solo occupancy home used for a variety of young people but mainly as a transition to independency home.

Oakwood has had good results in working with all types of challenging behaviours and seeks to transform young people’s lives and is a home for children and young people aged 8 to 17 years old with emotional and behavioural needs. We aim to provide a safe, homely environment which is filled with love, laughter and nurture combined with consistent routines enabling our young people to grow and develop and to be supported to achieve their full potential.

The best thing about Oakwood are the people, our young people many with us now for well over a year they are bright creative artistic individuals with passions for many different things one being Music both listening to and composing, you will always hear one of our talented young people singing or rapping.  Staff join in and we have many talented staff members who bring in guitars and sing along.

Oakwood provides young people with a stable and consistent home where they can achieve positive experiences and outcomes.

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