Heather Lodge

Heather Lodge is a two bed home, nestled in a semi-rural area which is ideal for young people who would benefit from therapeutic reparenting.

Our Home

The situ of the home allows access to large entertainment and activity centres, such as bowling alleys, cinemas, swimming, ice skating, inflatables, trampoline parks, woodland, parks and a large city centre which can be accessed by car- 15 minutes away. For those young people who are more independent, bus routes will allow them access to the town centre, and colleges, schools, and recreation activities.

The home is led by a team who has successfully supported young people with adverse childhood experiences, who have experienced dysregulation and trauma responses. Many of the young people have experienced episodes of MFC, CSE, CCE, self-harm, and animal cruelty.

“I feel that my child is supported across the board, they have built a great relationship with my child and this has allowed them to ensure progress is made in many different areas. Staff have encouraged and supported my child to attend school, something that has been a struggle.

The team at Heather Lodge is especially good at building strong relationships with their young people and becoming attuned to their internal working model, in order to meet the young person’s needs.

One of our previous young people has gone on to own her business, become a mother and be successful in her long-term relationship. Others have successfully transitioned to larger homes, or homes nearer their families- and some are able to return to their family homes.


Yorkshire & The Humber

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"They are proactive in ensuring that the child is safe at school, any concerns are raised, and the right questions are asked. They also ensure they are thinking long term and what support they can offer and put in place to ensure results and outcomes are achieved."

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