Mappleton Lodge

Mappleton Lodge is a 6-bed children’s home in the heart of Nottingham City Centre.

Our Home

The home is situated on a large site with three detached buildings. It boasts a large back garden and all Young Peoples bedrooms are en-suite. The home has no more then two young people living in each property and all have comfortable living areas and newly refurbished kitchens. Both homes also have separate games rooms which allow more room for young people to feel they have space and not feel overwhelmed. 

Here at Mappleton Lodge we have a large and diverse staff team including staff members from all around the world, different disabilities, age and gender. This is a massive support for the young people at Mappleton Lodge as it allows for children and young people to learn about different parts of the world, understand equality and diversity and to form positive relationships with people who they may not usually associate with. The skill set of the staff team are also just as diverse, with many staff having experiences of being in foster care providers as parents have fostered to working in nurseries. All of the staff team have an experience of working with Learning disabilities, self harm, mental health, attachment disorders and harmful sexualised behaviours. 

Due to the home being close to the city centre, Mappleton Lodge has access to a wealth of activities and clubs which young people are encouraged and supported to try. The home also works closely with community projects such as the Python Club which does activities such as boxing and football. 

Our Young People

The current young people who live within Mappleton Lodge all call Mappleton Home. They are enjoying spending time with the staff team, enjoy developing new skills including independence skills which they have acquired whilst at Mappleton Lodge. Many young people have also left Mappleton lodge and have completed reunification back to their families or have successfully moved in to semi independent provisions. The home also continues to keep in touch with many young people that have left Mappleton Lodge. 

There have been many multiple placements from the same local authority at Mappleton Lodge due to the high levels of support and positive outcomes for the young people. The feedback from local authorities and other agencies include: The home go above and beyond and the young person is thriving. We have seen a dramatic difference for the better with our young person. The home has provided amazing activities and ensured that the young people have been supported through COVID. 

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