Mulberry Lodge

Mulberry Lodge is located in Haxey, Doncaster, which has many activities in the local area.

Our Home

At Mulberry Lodge we believe that routine and structure is key to your development and future planning, when arriving at the home we want to ensure you have a secure and stable routine that will best benefit you. This would include aspects such as morning routine, transport to education or employment, free time, bedtime, etc. Mulberry Lodge is always aiming towards your independence to which contracts will be put in place surrounding technology and free time. We will discuss these with you and create a plan together. You will have your own pocket money, activity money, toiletries and clothing money. Your money will be kept safe on your Go Henry Card. Staff may look after this for you or you may keep this yourself. You will have your own bedroom at Mulberry Lodge, which you can personalise and make your own. Staff are trained and follow a PACE therapeutic approach. Playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy. 

Social worker feedback

Young person has been well supported at Mulberry since she was placed two years ago. She has made significant progress in all areas of her life. She was NEET but has now completed school and in her first year of college. She was going missing regularly and significant risk of CSE but this has reduced and managed safely. Young person’s behaviour has improved, and she is able to manage her feelings in a healthy way and reflect with support from staff. Staff have helped with her independence, staying healthy and promoting family contact. She has been able to live in a stable home environment with emotionally attuned parenting from caregivers.

Young people feedback

Our young people always feel they are looked after well and are always helped to keep safe. Our young people feel they are supported and helped with their education. They like best the staff’s sense of humour and their caring nature.


Yorkshire & The Humber

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"I would recommend Mulberry to any of my colleagues as a positive place for young people to be supported in their journey through care and although I am happy, we are supporting her in her independence, it is a great shame she will not be staying longer."

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