Oakwood House

We offer a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment to welcome all of our young people and help them feel a part of the Oakwood family.

Our Home

The home has two buildings on site, the main house where there are four bedrooms for our young people and the Lodge, where there is an additional bedroom for a young person and two staff sleep rooms. The Lodge can be utilised to support pathways plans for independence, support for young people with additional sensory needs and for mental health concerns. The Lodge provides a space for young people to personalise and promote daily independent, life skills tasks. The main house contains the staff office, four staff sleep rooms and the managers office. 

The Oakwood Team

We have a large and diverse staff team, who have a wealth of experience, training and knowledge around supporting young people with varying complexities and needs. 

We have created a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment within Oakwood and the team, to welcome all young people and help them to feel part of the Oakwood family (adults and young people). This is beneficial for the young people, as it allows them to invest in the team and the home as a placement, and feel they have a strong support network around them to achieve their goals and ambitions. 

Our Community

One of our current young people has said to us that:

“I don’t feel like I am in care at Oakwood”

which is a testament to the support, care and the nurturing environment that is created and maintained by the entire staff team. 

Our young people are involved in care planning, and this allows them to take some ownership and responsibility for how the staff respond to them, but also for how they present to the staff when feeling anxious or excited. 


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"I don’t feel like I'm in care at Oakwood."

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