Park Road

Park Road in situated in Sittingbourne, the borough of Swale in Kent.

Our Home

Park Road sits beside a bespoke town, offering a variety of shops, and leisure activities. There is a new development currently being built within the town, which will include cinema, bowling, and restaurants. Young people can access, youth clubs, churches, gyms, and swimming nearby, where the young people can build on their resilience, independence, cultural needs, health, and wellbeing and build positive friendships within their community. 

Park Road offers a nurturing, homely environment, where our young people can feel safe and secure. The home is a four bedded town house, with a cosy lounge, kitchen and a welcoming garden.  Two of the bedrooms have an en-suite, and our young people can personalise their bedrooms to their taste, to ensure it has that warming, individualised feel!

The Park Road Team

To provide the best quality of care, the staff at Park Road accommodate and work to the young people’s individual needs. Park Road staff undertake a wide range of robust training to ensure we are catered to manage behaviours, as our young people’s safety is paramount. In order to effectively manage behaviour, our focus is in using therapeutic approaches to understand the reasoning behind the behaviour, therefore, our training includes understanding trauma, and adverse childhood experiences and how these have impacted on a young person. We use the PACE approach, as we believe positive parenting is the key to support the young people to help them feel more secure with adults, and it allows them to build the skills for a successful life. Park Road have supported young people's transition to home, foster plans, and where this is not possible, we have had long term placements. 

The staff team ensure that our young people views, wishes and feelings are being heard, and the home have connections with multi-agencies to support this. We provide our young people with opportunities to do their chosen hobbies and activities and create positive memories. The staff team create journals for the young people at Park Road with all their best memories. 


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