Station House

Station House is a 5 bedded home, which offers the opportunity for 3 young people to be living in the home at anyone time.

Our Home

All young people are asked to have their input into the homes décor and they are encouraged to express their individual styles in their rooms. It is decorated in a homely and modern manner and is considered to be a welcoming and warm environment. 

What makes Station House special? 

  • Homely environment 
  • Family based values 
  • Committed and caring staff team. 
  • Individualised care 
  • Independence driven 

Station House Team

The staff team at Station House are professional and caring, and above anything else they are committed to caring for their young people. The team makes sure they are aware of the young people's individual plans, and they work hard to ensure all the young people’s care needs are met. The team will champion the young people’s rights, wishes and feelings. They ensure that any incidents are worked through, and the young people know that each day is a fresh start. 

Home Values

Station House takes on family-based values and works with the young people to offer a homely and family-like environment. The young people and the team join to celebrate each other’s birthdays, celebrations and achievements. The team recognises that not all young people have had a stable family environment, and are aware that some young people may struggle with this. The staffing team will work with the young people in a way which best supports them. 

“The staffing team is nice and they help us.”

Outcomes for Children

The team recognise that each young person is an individual- and due to this, they will have their own personalised placement plans and care plans. Each young person has their own key worker who they choose for themselves; the key worker will support the young people in attending LAC reviews, medical appointments and professional appointments. 

Each young person will have their own routines within the home, and each young person will have their own personalised rules and boundaries, which they will be supported to follow. The Station House team ensures that all staff working with the young people know the young people's care plans and behaviour management plans, so they are able to fully support the young people and their needs. 


Station House has a full independence package on offer within the home. The home starts young people on independence as soon as they possibly can. The team recognises that the young people need to develop their independence as soon as possible and works with the young people’s social workers on personalised independence plans and then works with the young people to implement the plan into their daily routines. 

"You make sure we have contact with the people we want it with and arrange it” 

There are different stages of independence for the young people, and the stages are monitored and reviewed, so the young people and staff can see the progression of independence or where additional help may be needed.


West Midlands

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“I have been to the home 3 or 4 times, and every time I have been greeted by helpful and pleasant staff. This is a breath of fresh air and I wish the staff a happy future.”

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