Peak View

Peak Viewprovides care for a maximum of four young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties and associated complex needs.

Our Home

Our complex needs support includes, but not exclusively limited to; mild learning disabilities, child sexual exploitation risk factors, sexualised behaviours, non-compliance with education, self-harm, aggression and young people engaging in pre-criminal behaviours. 

All staff are trained in Eland’s Behaviour Support Programme. This course has been designed and tailored to the needs of our young people and to support our staff to always work therapeutically with our children.

"K has progressed so well over the last year whilst at Peak View. Self-harm incidents have been significantly reduced, school attendance and engagement are amazing and K appears more emotionally regulated."

Adventure Trips 

The Adventure’s primary function is to provide stability, promote resilience and facilitate transition. Esland Adventure is ultimately a crisis camp which offers a maximum of 28 days outward bound activity-based program for one young person who is presenting with extreme or challenging behaviour and who at that time, would have a significant impact on the other young people placed in our homes. It is fully AALA licensed.

Whilst on Adventure, the young person is always supported by staff on a 2:1 staffing ratio. Esland Adventure Camps are based in various locations of the High Peak and Peak District, however, this is interchangeable and although working towards shared visions and goals, the placement and camp options are bespoke to the young people referred to Esland.

Outcomes for children

We  ensure that all Children in our care have a continuing and enduring sense of permanence through which their social, emotional, health, and educational needs are being met. 

• Eat, Sleep, and feel healthy. 

• Learn and benefit from support in their education and to achieve educationally

• Achieve success in their lives; that they make a positive contribution within their group or the community. 

• Nurtured and supported to develop an understanding of their risks, their behaviors, where they are in their care pathway and how they will progress through the road to Resilience 

• Dream and aspire, to achieve their dreams, goals and wishes. To give them a sense of identity and self-worth in all that they do.


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"I am most happy about the home wanting to keep working with the Young Person and being so understanding of his complex needs leading to coming into care."

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