The Beeches Esland

The Beeches is located in a rural location with limited transport links but only 3 miles from Gainsborough.

Our Home

Despite our rural area, the bus station offers connectivity to Doncaster, Sheffield, Retford, Brigg, Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Lincoln. It is a charming area where we can enjoy the quietness without the sound of heavy traffic. 

The Beeches Team

Our workforce plan focus on staffs ability to grow their skills and to develop the tools that they need to ensure that practice is knowledge based.  Our team is all-female at the moment, with a warm and nurturing approach, however we thriving to have a mixed team so that our young people have the opportunity to experience positive role models from both genders. We have all come from different backgrounds such as, residential care, schools, nurseries and some have joined our team from university. We have all had intense Esland training and we bring skills from other job experiences.  Our staff team range from early twenties to mid-fifties so we have a wide range of age and life experiences.


We have a large garden with plenty of space for the YP to play out and get fresh air. 

We have big house that was built in 1936 Our home is freshly decorated with warm and welcoming colours we have comfortable furnishings. Our kitchen is large where we all eat and take about our day. We are located in prime area that is near Sheffield, Doncaster and Retford and Gainsborough. 

The young people have a budget when they arrive to make their room their own personal space taking into consideration their likes and dislikes.

Outcomes for children

The staff team is motivated to improve the lives of the children and young people, we want to see our children and young people, thrive, grow and develop into happy young adults. Accordingly we try out new ideas and approaches to give the children and young people we work with the best chance of success. This is achieved by supporting young people to develop supportive and responsive relationships so they can build a foundation for resilience across childhood and into adulthood. Our ambition is to ensure that young people are at the heart of the decision making process, that education, access to general and mental health services are sourced. We believe is fundamental that children and young people are protected from serious harm and that their needs are met. 

We have a rewards system which is based on positive reinforcement as an aid to support our young people in terms of behaviour management where positive behaviour is rewarded which encourages young people to change behaviour patterns, providing our young people with an emotionally secure environment. 


We have a wide range of activities around us shopping centers, bowling, parks and lakes, cinemas, golf, wild life parks and  football fields.  We have other sports clubs around the area including football, rugby and tennis. 

In the home we have many board games and Xbox and a Wii,  we have an arts and craft area and a summer house where YP can relax read or paint. Additionally we have a trampoline and 2 football and basketball nets.

"I like living here and get on with the staff." 

Why LA’s place in their home

We are a nurturing placement that is work with PACE and we use therapeutic techniques. We have a happy and friendly environment we make children feel valued and promote independence. We are always making sure our staff have the latest training counite to provide the best quality of care for all of our children and young people.


East Midlands

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"It was lovely how the home had photos of their YP and her family framed and on the walls."

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