The Beeches Oracle

The Beeches has vast living space with a scenic view over adjoining fields, providing opportunities for young people to socialise and spend time alone.

Our Home

The home has vast space internally with a scenic view over adjoining fields, split over three separate living areas, providing opportunity for young people to have both access to shared experience and quality time with the team when needed. 

The Beeches Team

The team at the Beeches celebrate their approaches to supporting children return safely to their families, of the work undertaken by the Beeches in the history of placements over 60 per cent of the children placed have successfully returned home to their families. 

Reunification as part of wider care planning is the aim for the Beeches, with a focus upon supporting children who experience Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties to manage their own responses, supporting family members through therapeutic support plans towards a common shared outcome. 

"Fantastic, always caring and looking out for my son" – Mother of young person September 2019.

The Beeches team has vast experience with longevity placements for young people with a commitment to reunification, progress, and transitional support. The Beeches team has pride in the shared mutual experience of children and young people with one young person enjoying a trip to New York as part of their end of placement celebrations. 

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"Staff were proactive in caring for my young person and showed a good understanding of how the young person’s history and experience of trauma may have impacted on his current behaviours and presentation."

Social Worker

Stockport Placement October 2020

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