The Old School House

The Old School House practices a high nurture approach towards its young people, which aims to improve their self-esteem and emotional resilience.

Our Team

Care practitioners at The Old School House feel passionately about creating an inclusive environment for all of our team members and young people which promotes a strength- based approach and celebrates diversity. 

Care practitioners at the Old School House use their creativity to develop activities and social events for the young people on a regular basis. The team are known to support their young people with their individual sensory needs, by creating bespoke spaces for each child to feel safe within the home. 

Through their creative approaches, the team are able to adapt the home environment to cater for each child, by finding projects, hobbies or interests for them to complete or learning new skills. 


The Old School House is located in the Peak District, nestled between many parks and walking treks. The team utilise the beautiful countryside to improve the health and wellbeing of their young people, by getting active outdoors on a regular basis. 

Promoting wellbeing is an integral part of The Old School House’s ethos. The team prioritises an environment that reflects the young people that reside in it. Their young people are encouraged to personalise their space and work together with their peers, to create a home they can be proud of. 

Outcomes for children

The Old School House’s care practitioners work collaboratively with partnership agencies to achieve positive outcomes for their young people. Currently, a young person living at the Old School House is preparing to undertake her law degree at University in the new term- and is a fully independent young woman. Staff have also worked with their young person, MW, to develop his interest in mechanics which has enabled him to enrol into a Mechanics course. 

The team believe that life skills are just as important as academic qualifications. Young people are encouraged to learn the skills they will need to be independent young people. Young person CH is currently learning how to drive!

“Thank you for all your hard work over the last 4 years with CH, she has grown into a lovely mature young lady” – A Small, Social worker, Feb 2021


The Old School House supports the development of its children and young people through activity-based learning. These include; hiking, climbing, cooking, gardening and finding fun projects such as learning to ice-skate. 


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“I like that staff respect my views, wishes and feelings as they give me the space I need as an 18-year-old”.

Young Person at The Old School House

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