The Retreat

The Retreat is a solo home based in Nottingham.

The Retreat Team

Here at the Retreat, we have a small staff team with a balanced male and female ratio. The age range of the staff team are over different decades. Which works well for the young people that move into the Retreat. As they see different approaches from staff. The home manager has over 10 years’ experience working with in childcare as a foster care and then moving over to residential childcare. The homes manager has different types of behaviour management styles which he supports and develops the staff team with using these. The home has 2 very experienced seniors in the home which both have a nurturing approach towards the young people that live at the Retreat. They support the young person with life skills and get the young person to engage in education. 

The Retreat have staff which spend time with the young people using the homes boxing bag and all so spending time on the homes trampoline which is in the large back garden. We have staff which spend time with our young person helping with their education needs if the young person needs this. Staff spend time with our young person which are a qualified chief which is a great talent to have, and they get the young person help prepare and cook meals. Which we then have this as a family evening meal. Whereas a staff team we speak about what has happened in the day and if there are, any changes they would like to be made in the home. Staff also supports the young person in local activities such as 10 pin bowling, go karting, spending time at the local park etc..


The home environment is very well coming with a large living room with a large TV that is mounted on the wall above the fireplace. We have 2 large settees also. The large front window allows sunlight to enter the room to make it bright and welcoming. We have a large dining room where staff and the Young person have their meals. Then can talk about what has happened throughout the day.

We have made positive outcomes for the young person that is now placed in the Retreat as they have been placed for just over a year. The Young person has stated to the staff team that this is his longest placement he has been in and he gets on with all the staff as they understand that they care for him, and he would like to stay at the Retreat until he moves back to his Dad’s.

The reason why the LA place young people who need social integration and to feel part of a community can feel included in our home because of many factors including: good transport links, local amenities catered for young people, educational facilities and the vast range of social and recreational areas. 

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"The home regularly sends through information relating to JP and how he is getting on in the home. Reports are sufficiently detailed and enable me to have a good picture of how he is developing and the care he is receiving."

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