The Sycamores

The Sycamores is located in a semi-rural area with only a few neighbouring homes it sits just a little off a back winding country road.

Our Home

The Sycamores is a small home, At The Sycamores we will look after up to two children. Children benefit from living in a smaller environment where they can see and hear around the whole home, this can make children feel safer. With a small home there is a small team of highly skilled adults. Having a smaller team allows young people to build relationships quickly as there are less adults to get to know. The Children will always have an adult allocated to them, sometimes a Child may need two adults to help them feel safer and we provide these adults to a Child should we feel this will help them to keep and feel safe. The area is nice to take a stroll out or ride a bike around the country side. 

Around a mile walk away there is a small town. The town has many amenities and local shops. There are small boutiques, a local bakery, a choice of  hairdressers, restaurants and take-aways. Everything we need. 

There is a local Market that is open on a Wednesday and Saturday. It also has doctors, chemist and a train station not far away. There is also a range of local schools and nurseries. The home is also central to be able to access larger towns nearby, where there are facilities such as swimming pools, ice rinks, cinemas and bowling alleys. There is always something new to find and look for. We encourage all of the children to take part in activities and clubs they enjoy and education is also an important part of living with us at The Sycamores.

The Sycamore Team

The adults at The Sycamores have many years experience looking after Children of all ages.

The Adults are skilled at working Therapeutically with all of our Children. We help Children develop safe appropriate relationships and help Children to understand why they are being looked after by us. We always listen to Children and work to do the best we can for each Child. The adults have a good understanding of each Childs needs and goals and we want each young person to also feel valued and cared for by us.

Local Authority Feedback

Placing authorities have placed Children at The Sycamores where Children have required either a solo placement or due to the size of the home where Children have struggled to feel safe in larger homes. 

Placement aims of the children we look after is that they are supported to transition into foster placements, Placing their Child to live at The Sycamores has supported young people to be able to transition into a family home and also into semi independence. 

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"Communication is very good and adults are welcoming. I feel that the young people here are safe and cared for."

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