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I feel looked after and absolutely safe. I can always talk to any of the staff and they know me really well. They show me every day that they care about me. I didn’t think I was worth caring about until I came to live here.

Outstanding Outcomes - Anna

Anna was admitted to Park Road in 2014 and remained in placement until the end of 2017, when the staff transitioned her into a bespoke semi independence flat where her needs, and community interactions, would be positively met.

When Anna was admitted to Park Road she was emotionally fragmented as a consequence of the significant familial abuse she had been subjected to. Anna struggled to communicate when she arrived at the home, she often would communicate through balloons or other objects to create a physical protective barrier between herself and others. Anna had not had a consistent school placement for over three years and she was suffering with Gauchers Type 3 which is a life-limiting condition. Due to her multiple placement moves, her transfusions and health treatment was inconsistent.

Young people demonstrate an excellent sense of keeping themselves safe. One young person was able to reflect on previous aspects of her behaviour and said, ‘The staff have helped me to understand how I used to make myself unsafe. I still don’t really understand why I did this, but I think I am getting there.’

This is an incredibly powerful demonstration of the young person’s progress and the impact of the excellent work undertaken by staff.

Anna worked with the team at Park Road to access Great Ormond Street hospital so that her transfusions could be done fortnightly and she began attending the Esland School. Anna developed a passion for music, and with support started to write songs and poems to describe and process her trauma. Esland provided opportunities for Anna to record a track in a recording studio and her poems were published in a national poetry book.

From the complex, fragmented child who arrived at Park Road, the transformation in Anna was astounding. She went on to complete and achieve national qualifications and her health improved significantly. Anna went on to become an ambassador for the Gauchers Society, attending and performing at Annual Conferences. The team at Park Road worked to develop a bespoke semi independent provision for Anna and supported her into the flat which enabled her to leave care in a positive way. Anna has successfully engaged in work experience and is accessing Further Education through Canterbury College which is a huge achievement given her educational experience.

Had Anna not moved to Park Road, her Gauchers would have had a significant impact on her health and would have impacted on her mortality, she now has achieved and experienced positive outcomes despite her Looked After status.

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