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Elsa believes that ‘the staff at Mulberry Lodge are Superhero’s and that they saved her life. She has stated that Esland will always be an important part of her history and that her future is positive as a result of her placement.’

Outstanding Outcomes - Elsa

Elsa moved into Mulberry Lodge in October 2016 as a victim of human trafficking and having suffered at the hands of a gang of perpetrators of sexual abuse. Elsa was in the process of being trafficked out of the UK and she was placed on a PPO whilst a secure placement could be located.

Elsa has a Traveller background and had dropped out of education whilst still in her primary education. Within Elsa’s culture, education is not a priority for young females, their responsibilities being to create loving home environments for their families, this meant that her literacy and numeracy skills were poor.

Although Elsa was first placed at Mulberry Lodge whilst a secure order was obtained, it became clear that she had adapted well to the high nurture and routines, and so it was agreed that she could remain in placement. During her time at Mulberry Lodge, Elsa engaged fully in working with the police to bring the perpetrators of abuse into the Criminal Justice system, she gave evidence at court and worked to ensure that other young people did not suffer in the ways that she had.

One of the staff team’s strengths is the key working with young people. Staff provide guidance and understanding about a whole range of issues important in young people’s lives. Extensive, individualised direct work with one young person provided her with information to keep herself safe.

This young person engaged in exceptional personalised direct work spanning over several months. This intense work gave an awareness of sexual exploitation, led to a significant reduction in the level of risk. This was instrumental in her returning home.

Elsa engaged in a well thought out keywork programme to both understand her identity and to integrate her into some mainstream cultures including a transition back into education. Through this, and the risk management work that was completed, Elsa was able to identify and understand her risks and this created an opportunity for transitional work to be done to safely return her to her family.

Twelve months after moving to Mulberry Lodge, Elsa moved back to her families trailer site, she now has her own trailer and is living independently, she has continued to engage 100% in education though and is proud that she is the first female in her family to achieve any formal qualifications, she has kept herself safe and now benefits from meaningful and appropriate personal and social relationships.

Elsa’s outcomes could have been very different had she not moved to Mulberry Lodge, she likely would have been secured on welfare grounds, would have been contained and then would drifted back into the abuse circles that she needed protecting from.

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