“Providing Stability, Devloping Resilience, Facilitating Transition”

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We recognise that the way young people deal with difficult situations is often underpinned by their life experiences, which ultimately affect their level of resilience.

Road To Resilience

At Esland, we believe that there are two pathways that looked after children may find themselves on: the Road to Ruin, (where they struggle to manage themselves or their risks) and the Road to Resilience, (where young people are supported by staff to improve their life chances and choices). We recognise that the way young people deal with difficult situations is often underpinned by their life experiences, which ultimately affect their level of resilience.

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Providing Stability

Many young people come to reside at Esland during very challenging points in their lives and due to these experiences, they are often unable to cope. This can mean that they react to situations like placement moves or changes to their care package with strong, unpredictable emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Often these emotions can cause them to lash out and present with complex and challenging behaviours. We believe that by providing an unconditional care package that promises to ‘never give up’ on a young person, that individual will learn to trust in their primary carers, in the wider organisation and society as a whole. Through offering this unconditional support, we believe that this will naturally enable the young person to feel more stable and safe in their placements. This is the first stage in our Road to Resilience – Providing Stability. When young people feel safe, they are generally more able to adapt to life-changing situations and stressful conditions in a safe way.

Developing Resilience

This phase is an on-going process of time and effort to engage young people in taking a number of steps to improve their outcomes, life chances and achievements. We believe that a combination of factors contributes to Developing Resilience. The first step is encouraging the young people to have caring and supportive relationships within and outside their allocated placement. All Esland homes are designed and furnished to be warm, family homes; from country farmhouses with log burners (risk assessed!) to modern homes – our young people take pride in their environment and enjoy having their families and friends over to visit. Alongside this, we recognise that the carer/ young person relationship should be built on love, trust, encouragement and reassurance; enabling the young person to improve their resilience and capacity to make plans for the future. We believe that this, in turn, encourages the young people to have a positive view of themselves, have confidence in their strengths and abilities whilst also increasing their capacity to manage their behaviours and needs.

Facilitating Transition

At Esland, we aim to provide a one-stop solution for the sector’s most complex and challenging children and young people. We recognise that we may facilitate transition for one young person multiple times whilst they are on the road to resilience, ultimately moving towards being a resilient member of society. This may entail transitioning them from Esland Adventures into a Solo, then a Dual before a final transition into a Group Home or it may be facilitating transition from a Dual Home into Independence. Regardless of where on our Road to Resilience young people begin their journey, we adopt a three-staged process that underpins every placement that we accommodate within the Esland Group. This is to provide stability, develop resilience and facilitate transition. With our range of services, we are able to provide local authorities with a long term plan which may include step ups or step downs in relation to our services and which always have the individualised placement needs at the centre of every placement.

Regardless of the destination, we believe that any transition must be worthwhile and always in the best interests of the young person. Throughout our Road to Resilience we offer a high warmth, high control behaviour management model which is underpinned by an Authoritative Parenting model to ensure the young people have the best support and best outcomes possible to them. We do not work alone; we have excellent links with our community partners, our clinical partners Future Minds, the Local Police and Safeguarding Boards and other agencies to always promote a team around the child ethos.

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