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Futureminds takes a clinical lead for psychological assessment and intervention for young people placed at all Esland Group Children’s Homes. As part of the matching process, the Registered Manager and Referral Team assess whether the placement is a sound option for the referred child and liaise with the local authority to outline the resources required to manage and progress the young person.

Futureminds offers a wrap around therapeutic intervention that is versatile in how it is delivered. This model is designed in a way that staff can deliver the bespoke interventions to young people through meaningful keyworker sessions. The staff meet with the allocated psychologist or therapist and they are supported through regular review of risk assessments to ensure that control measures are effective in managing behaviour. Futureminds also work with the senior management team at Esland to develop meaningful keyworker packs and to provide staff training or clinical supervision where needed. At the point young people are ready to engage in psychological therapy, this is offered by counsellors / psychologists who will work to the Futureminds model remaining in the present, slowly moving into the future and only looking at the past when the young person is emotionally ready.

If the young person is not ready for this type of work but still requires some practical support, e.g. learning skills for emotional regulation (essential before any counselling is started), evidence based psychological therapy such as trauma focused CBT will be arranged. It is expected that each child placed within Esland Group will have the same model of service wherever they are placed. However, every young person will have different needs and wherever possible psychological therapy will be tailored to meet these needs. All the work will be time limited and reviewed regularly. All placements and young people who have been identified as being appropriate for an Esland Children’s Home will have a full psychological assessment completed if they have not had one within the last 12 months. This will identify the issues and be used to develop a treatment plan.

Our relationship with Futureminds has ensured that our staff teams are attuned to our young people’s subjective experiences. This means that staff try to make sense of those experiences, and then communicate them back to the young person. This is done with Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy (making up the PACE model which is consistent with our behaviour management model and with the interventions provided through Futureminds). This model allows our staff to constantly fine-tune their practice, to best fit the needs of the young person.

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