Adventure Trip

When young people come to Esland needing a respite placement they invariably bring a whole range of challenging issues – Esland Adventure sees itself as providing challenging solutions.

Esland Adventure Leaflet

Download our Esland Adventure leaflet to learn more about the activities that we undertake and the skills that individuals will learn.

Esland Adventure’s primary function is to provide stability, promote resilience and facilitate transition.

Esland Adventure is ultimately a crisis camp which offers a maximum of 28 days outward bound activity based program for one young person who is presenting with extreme or challenging behaviour and who at that time, would have a significant impact on the other young people placed in our homes. It is fully AALA licensed.

Whilst on Adventure, the young person is always supported by staff on a 2:1 staffing ratio. Esland Adventure Camps are based in various locations of the High Peak and Peak District, however, this is interchangeable and although working towards shared visions and goals, the placement and camp options are bespoke to the young people referred to Esland.

The Esland Adventure programme length is also individualised with some young people only needing a 7, 10 or 14 day camp as a transition into our Complex Needs, Dual or Group Homes. Alternatively, they may be leaving a regulated Children’s Home and may need to be removed from the home to stabilise and prevent them from being criminalised, bullied, sexually exploited or any other risks.

Esland Adventure is a service which gives the Registered Manager and the Local Authority the opportunity to complete a thorough psychological assessment of the young person’s individual placement needs, engage in a psychological assessment through Future Minds our clinical partner and to offer a transition into an identified home.

This has reduced the number of emergency admissions into Esland Homes and has seen placements becoming more stable and ending positively. The staff on adventure can incorporate assessments and appointment with therapists, psychologists, YOT, bail conditions, contact arrangements and other important dates into the Adventure plan. This can also include facilitating visits with family or the proposed placement, tea breaks at the new placement and over-night stays to ensure the transition into their prospective home causes minimum disruption to the young person and to their peers already in placement.

As a minimum we will always provide an assessment as to what the young person needs to assist with placement searches.

All Adventure camps are tagged to a physical bed in one of our children’s homes. Ensuring that there is both a contingency plan and that the trip is overseen by an experienced Registered Home’s Manager. Alongside this, our Adventure team has a designated manager and a team of staff consisting of both qualified experienced carers and outdoor instructors.

Esland Adventure is a registered ASDAN provider. This means that every Adventure provides young people with the opportunity to complete awards and qualifications that are based on the activities they will be doing. This includes Personal Learning and Thinking Skills that equip young people for lifelong learning and prepares them for future independence and employment. This is combined with functional skills in English and Maths. These are accredited units that will provide ASDAN qualifications and certificates that can be used in any further education.

We also engage the young person in The Adventure and Residential Short Course. This accredits up to 60 hours of outward-bound activities and includes:

Adventure activities:

  • Kayaking
  • Open canoeing
  • Off-road cycling
  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Caving
  • Mine Exploration
  • Hill Walking & Mountaineering
  • Geography field trips
  • Arts visits
  • History trips
  • Museums and galleries
  • Heritage sites
  • Urban or rural visits
  • Workshops on nature