Annadales home is a specialist provision for children with EBD, but focuses on developing confidence and a sense of stability for the children in the home.

Our Home

Annadales is a true family home. A 4 bed home with large garden, it has large communal areas with a games room and private conservatory. We create an environment where our children start to have aspirations for their future and begin to see the world in a different way. We seek to develop a sense of ownership for our children so they see it as home, and not as another placement. We promote independence, so that the children do not see it as hotel, but take an active role in cooking, cleaning and planning how the home is run. Working alongside the clinical team, the children placed at Annadales have the opportunity to receive support to address any historical challenges that they have faced.


East of England

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"The children at the home refer to the home as a place of safety and a place where trust is restored in people.”

Home Manager

Annadale's Residential Home

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