Foxbrook House

The home has adopted the philosophy of ‘Total Communication’ in order for the staff and young people placed at Foxbrook House to be able to successfully communicate with each other about needs, wants, wishes and feelings. In order to do this, we utilise communication methods incorporating, but not limited to, Makaton signing, use of PEC symbols, spoken and written language and using intensive interaction with children and young people whose verbal understanding and communication is limited.

The home is staffed by a dedicated and committed team, the majority of whom have worked here for 2+ years. We have worked with children and young people with a variety of different disabilities including autistic spectrum disorder, Down’s syndrome, communication difficulties or non-verbal and Cerebral Palsy.

The home works closely with Social Workers and family in order to meet the needs of the young people in placement and all feedback from them has been consistently positive.

We believe that no disability in life is too great to overcome and that our young people have the same rights of inclusion as their more able peers. As such, all work undertaken is designed to enhance skills and experiences, build confidence and teach valuable life skills.

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