Dorma Cottage

Dorma Cottage is a detached home in the rural village of Bothamsall, which provides medium to long-term accommodation for 2 young people.

Our Home

At Dorma Cottage we focus on the young people's experience at the home, helping them to aspire and achieve their full potential. Dorma Cottage is warm, nurturing, inviting and homely, with a staff team who are motivated, passionate and committed to working with the children. They want their young people to have a home that offers them a unique experience, where they can progress to new heights. The young people at Dorma will be assessed on their individual needs, so that a therapeutic care package can be tailored to them. The Dorma team work together with other professionals and endeavor to enhance each young person's self-esteem, creating opportunities for them to learn, develop and achieve.    

Dorma Cottage Team

The staff team at Dorma Cottage have an array of skills, qualifications and specialisms. The dynamics of the team is made up of staff who have worked within a range of educational settings, with a range of young people with emotional, behavioral and social difficulties, youth work, supported living, and residential care. The Dorma team have expertise in caring for young people who can often display challenging and harmful behaviors, who are vulnerable to child sexual exploitation and those who go missing from care. Professional development with the team is outstanding, as staff always strive to be the best they can be.  

Outcomes for Children

At Dorma Cottage, we pride ourselves in getting our young people to achieve. We aim to create a homely and safe environment, where guidance, boundaries and role models pave the way for a robust parenting approach, enabling our young people to reach their full potential. Our aim is to help young people develop a set of transferrable skills, to maximise their ability to progress into semi-independent living by developing a meaningful relationships based on the core value of mutual respect.

Activities at Dorma Cottage

Personal interests are at the forefront of the care provided at Dorma Cottage. Once a young person moves into the home, the team encourages them to engage in a variety of activities and hobbies, which ensures access to a broad range of recreational and leisure pursuits and opportunities to mix socially, together and with others- to promote self-esteem and confidence building. Our young people enjoy a wide range of activities including horse-riding, go karting, swimming, golfing, theme parks and bike riding- and the staff at Dorma are always eager to join in the activities!


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