Limestone Cottage

Limestone Cottage is set in a rural location but close to towns and cities which are a short drive.

Our Home

We like to ensure Limestone feels like a home and everyone is welcome and thrive on providing nurture and support. 

Limestone Team

Everyone at limestone brings something different to the home in their own unique way. We have staff who have a range on skills which allows us to be versatile. We have lots of staff who have all worked in different professions before coming to work at Limestone which allows us to do different activities on and off the home. We have thrill seekers along with some that enjoy walks and the countryside. Staff here have a strong sense of being part of a family in the home and like to enjoy mealtimes and days out altogether but love a movie night to. Everyone at limestone is supportive and likes to give the best care they can. 


Limestone Cottage is a home where up to 3 young people live. It is situated in Rotherham which is in South Yorkshire.  Here at Limestone Cottage, we pride ourselves on creating a home rather than simply a place to live for the young people who reside here. We want our young people to feel part of the Limestone Cottage family & so place a big importance on eating meals together and going out on trips as a group. We promote individuality & encourage the young people to grow into the person they want to be. Everyone at Esland and Limestone Cottage wants to help the young people achieve their best and provide a safe environment for them to thrive in. Limestone has a big lounge area which we have turned into a cinema room. 

"His placement at limestone had been his longest placement since coming into care and this placement had also been the only placement whereby, he had not assaulted staff, which highlights just how much he had progressed with you and how much he thought of you all."

Outcomes for Children

  1. Working towards making the young people more independent and building on there skills to be independent.
  2. Working with the young people to be more confident and having self-worth 
  3. Reducing self-harm incidents and working together to ensure we can support the young person. 
  4. Reducing the missing from cares and providing them with stability. 
  5. Showing the young people how to build positive relationships. 
  6. Promote a positive relationship with multi-agency professionals. 

Activities at Limestone Cottage

Here at limestone we love going on activities which are fun and educational. We have a staff team who love having fun and finding new places to visit. A lot of the staff know places near limestone which means we get to go to many different places. Limestone has many adventurous activities close to. Here at limestone, we enjoy driving a little further and visiting the seaside and Alton towers. Also, because staff all drive, we can offer fun days out. Activities at limestone can be on the home to so we have a big garden with a trampoline, and we also have lots of games to play if you want to stay on the home.

"I have been to Limestone Cottage on two occasions and on both occasions, I have found the staff to be very welcoming and helpful. They made themselves available to talk to me and because they know I am the newly allocated social worker they passed on as much information as possible."

Why LA’s place in their home. 

LA place with us for our location as we are out of cities and towns but close enough to drive to places. LA can see we have provided a safe secure placement which offers support and nurture to young people. Limestone has been recognised for its approach to support children with childhood trauma. In the past Limestone has been home to children with additional needs which has been noticed how staff were able to changer their approach according to the individual. We have has LA who have wanted to bring young people back to limestone because of the positive relationships staff made with that child and other adults involved with the young person. 

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"Limestone makes me feel cared for and safe like a family home."

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